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Review Salter-Brecknell-GL-500 (GL500) Dillon Force Gauge

Salter-Brecknell-GL-500 (GL500) Dillon Force Gauge Review

Salter-Brecknell-GL-500 (GL500) Dillon Force Gauge You can read in full review of ‘.Salter-Brecknell-GL-500 (GL500) Dillon Force Gauge.’ and check prices at the link below. Heads Up! Limited Time Promotion! We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing high quality products to you. Check Your
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Product Details – Salter-Brecknell-GL-500 (GL500) Dillon Force Gauge

The Salter Brecknell GL500 Dillon Force Gauge is the best equipped force gauge found in its price range, including features such as rechargeable battery, serial output, backlight, die-cast enclosure, carry case and more.Specifications: Capacity- 500 N x 0.2 N/50kg x 0.02f/110lb x 0.05f Measures tension and compression forces Rechargeable battery for portability Backlit display for all light levels Serial output to transmit data Includes full set of handy accessories Accuracy- +/- 0.4% of capacity Tension/compression testing- Both Overload protection- 120% minimum Enclosure- Die cast metal Power- Rechargeable battery or AC charger Display type- 7 …Read More


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