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Review Saunders Cervical Hometrac, Deluxe

Saunders Cervical Hometrac, Deluxe Review

Saunders Cervical Hometrac, Deluxe You can read in full review of
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Product Details – Saunders Cervical Hometrac, Deluxe

Saunders Cervical Hometrac, DeluxePatented design combines rotating neck wedges for comfortable cervical traction treatment.This device directs traction forces toward the occiput, thereby preventing compression of the TMJ through the chin. Even patients with extra large or extra small necks can achieve a perfect fit. Applies up to 50 lbs.(23kg) of traction. The user retains total control of force at all times. Angle of traction delivery may be adjusted from 15° to 25° in 5° increments.Patented, self-adjusting wedges rotate through a 30° arc and are removable for easy cleaning or replacement. Pump design incorporates an easy-to-use, click-in-place mechanism for pumping, sustaining and releasing the traction. Gauge indicates traction in pounds and kilograms. Includes carrying case and user guide. Product photo may not exactly match the …Read More


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