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Review 40″ Beasy TransEasy Board

40″ Beasy TransEasy Board Review

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Product Details – 40″ Beasy TransEasy Board

Ideal for automobile transfers & situations where space is not an issue.Overall Dimensions: 40″ L x 10″ W (12″ W at ends) x 1.5″ thick, 6.5 lbsSeat Diameter: 12″; Seat Thickness: 3/8″ (seat is not padded)The board is made of polymers which are patented products of the DuPont company Seat easily circulates a full 360 degrees on the baseStress tested to 1100 lbs With a Beasy, “No Lift” transfer, the risk of injuries (to both patient and caregiver) caused by lifting is greatly reduced. No lifting means that soreness and injury to the patient’s shoulders and arms are greatly reduced and frequently eliminated. This board has a track guard covering the underside of the track to keep soft cushioning systems from pushing into the track and obstructing the movement of the seat. The track guard is also removable for cleaning.Product Use Guide – Par…Read More


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