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Review Alcohol Abuse FAEE Hair Test

Alcohol Abuse FAEE Hair Test Review

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Product Details – Alcohol Abuse FAEE Hair Test

This test detects alcohol consumption above 60 grams/day, which means more than 6 beers per day for the average person.

This test detects Fatty Acid Esters produced by alcohol consumption.

It is useful for:

(1) Identifying persons who are not heavy drinkers;
(2) Proving a parent is fit to have custody of children;
(3) Proving someone does not have an alcohol problem and is fit for a leadership or a safety sensitive job;
(4) Demonstrating someone is long-term abstinent from heavy drinking.

The markers of excessive drinking appear when alcohol is consumed regularly in excess of social drinking patterns. The test sensitivity for this test allows us to report that a person does not have a pattern of regular excessive drinking, commonly called “alcohol abuse.” It takes a week or more for the marker to appear in the hair on the scalp.

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