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Review Alpinestars Carbon B-2 Knee Brace (X-LARGE)

Alpinestars Carbon B-2 Knee Brace (X-LARGE) Review

Alpinestars Carbon B-2 Knee Brace (X-LARGE) You can read in full review of ‘.Alpinestars Carbon B-2 Knee Brace
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Product Details – Alpinestars Carbon B-2 Knee Brace

Smothered cassette edges ensure minimal chance of material obstruction when on the bike. Extension stops are included and provide post-operation support as well as helping prevent hyper-extension injuries. The leg extension movement can be blocked from 0 to 20°. The B-2 Carbon Knee Brace is CE-certified: 1621-1 Type A (K+L). Innovative knee protection: Advanced four hinge frame is designed to withstand multi-directional loads protecting the knee joint from excessive displacement during impacts. Integrated, semi-rigid TPU knee cup is backed by high performance protective foam and offers exceptional impact protection to the Patella and upper shin. Knee cup is seamlessly attached to the frame via stretch mesh panels, ensuring optimum protector positioning at all times. The knee cup is removable, allowing the B-2 Carbon Knee Brace to be adap…Read More


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